Final Project Week Two : Post One

11-18-18 (I meant to post this on Sunday, sorry friends!)

Dear Diary,

This morning I slept in until almost 11 am. It felt so nice to sleep in because I haven’t slept very well, like I stated in my previous posts. I do kind of feel bad though because I wasted my morning sleeping when I could have been spending time with my grandma. So the rest of the “morning” consisted of gathering christmas decorations and a tree to bring back to my apartment. I also packed up some more winter clothes and my laundry to bring with. I decided that I would leave my grandma’s house at about 2:30 pm because my grandpa had to fix one more thing on my car. In the meantime while I was waiting, I decided that I would do a fun project. One thing that I really wanted to give out for Christmas gifts this year is sugar scrubs. I want to do this because being a college student, I’m very low on money. So making a homemade sugar scrub for the girls and women in my family would be perfect! I found the idea on Pinterest! All you need is a cup of sugar, ½ cup of coconut oil, and 10-20 drops of any baking extract of your choice! You can even add food coloring to make it look prettier. Sugar scrubs exfoliate the skin, get rid of dead skin, and leave your skin super soft. I use a sugar scrub when washing my hands, and before I shave my legs. I can’t believe I haven’t made these scrubs sooner. So to use up my grandma’s coconut oil, I made four different kinds of sugar scrubs. I made a pink strawberry, a blue vanilla, a green peppermint, and a white coconut sugar scrub. When I was done, I loaded up all of my “crap” and departed for Rochester. As I was driving towards Spring Valley, I decided to take a scenic road home instead of taking  highway 63 back home. As I continued further down the scenic road, that road conditions become worse and worse. At one point, a fire truck was parked in the middle of the road, having people turn around. So, I turned around and got on highway 63. Once I arrived to my apartment, my roommate Amanda and I unloaded all of the “crap” in my car. Eventually, I unpacked my things and cleaned my room again. Somehow whenever I pack and unpack, my room becomes a disaster. But, that is what happens when you have a tiny room. After I got my room cleaned, Amanda and I decided to set up our Christmas tree. We haven’t decorated it yet because Amanda didn’t think my decorations were good enough, so she is bringing her own decorations. We both felt kind of lazy tonight so we decided to eat chips, ice cream and watch a movie. At first, we had been watching the new Cinderella, but neither of us would pay attention. So we changed the movie to the Disney “Descendents” movie. I thought the movie was pretty good. After the movie, all of my roomates and I got ready for bed. So, nothing really interesting happened today.


Final Project Week Two : Post Two


Dear Diary,

Last night was another night of restless sleep. I didn’t fall asleep until around 2 am. I woke up at 7:20 am feeling quite tired.So, I decided to let myself sleep in for another 20 minutes. It felt so nice. It’s like I can’t fall asleep at night and I’m never tired at night. But, in the morning, I am always so tired. When I finally got up, I went and showered. Feeling more awake after showering, I brushed through my tangly hair, and dressed myself. After that I put on some makeup. Then I gathered my school books and put them in my backpack. Today was the first day of my new math instructor teaching. I still haven’t quite figured out how to say her name yet. She seems very nice and has a similar teaching style as Marj did. I was quite happy when she introduced a shortcut for factoring. She told us that she learned it in China, so that was cool. After math class, I met up with my best friend from high school. We meet by the teachers offices up by the art room. Kasey and I meet up every Monday and Wednesday from 10 am to 1pm. On my way to meet Kasey, one of our high school friends named Dominic, followed me. He said he was going to hang out with Kasey and I since his friends left him. It was nice catching up with him. He is a pretty funny guy. Dominic left at noon, because he had to get to art class. That’s when Kasey decided that she wanted to go grab some lunch. Usually she packs a lunch, but I guess she didn’t have time this morning. We walked in the bitter cold to Kasey’s car. As she drove to McDonald’s, she talked to her fiance the whole way there and the whole way back. Kasey ordered chicken nuggets and fries, and I ordered a small fries. I ate my fries as Kasey drove us back to us back to campus. Once we got back, Kasey ate her meal and I headed off to English class. So here I am now in English class typing my journal! As I’m typing, two of the boys are making me laugh. The main thing that is making me laugh is how they were talking about Asian bowl hair cuts. This afternoon, I was supposed to have a doctor appointment for my depression. I feel like I have been doing very well since October 10th when I started my medication again. I haven’t had a mental break down since October 9th. Which is huge improvement for me. I’m super proud of myself for that. One thing that has been bothering me is not being able to focus. Throughout high school, I always had a tough time focusing. As I became older, my attention span has become very small. Ever since college started, it has become even harder for me to focus. But, unfortunately my appointment was cancelled due to my doctor being sick. So it has been rescheduled for next Tuesday at 2:45 pm.

Final Project Week One – Post Three

Friday 11-16-18

Dear Diary,

I usually wake up about 7:25 am, but this morning I let myself sleep in until 7:50 because I finally had a good night’s sleep. It felt so nice to sleep well. After I had gotten up, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, got dressed and did my makeup. I felt quite positive this morning. Maybe it was because I knew I would get food in my 9 am class. Today was my math professors last day of teaching, as she is retiring. I was really upset to see her go because she is an amazing instructor. I’ve never had a better math teacher. To celebrate her retirement in class, everyone brought treats. There were brownies, cookies, zebra cakes, chips, and pastries. All of my classmates and I signed a card and gave them to our instructor, Marj. She was filled with joy, we brought her to tears. I will sure miss Marj. Also in class today, we received the chapter six test we took yesterday. I was very pleased with my score, I got a B! Of course I wished I would have gotten an A, but college math is kind of challenging, so I am happy with the B that I got! After math class I went back to my apartment. When I got inside, one of my roomates made me take out the garbage. So, I trudged outside in the cold to the dumpsters, carrying the nasty bags of trash. When I got back inside, I relaxed for about an hour. All of a sudden, I got a feeling to clean. So, I cleaned my room, I organized, and did some laundry. Also, I decided to clean/organize my pantry. I moved all of my gatorade, and V8 energy drinks to my mini fridge. Now, whenever I want a drink that not water or milk, my fruity drinks are already cold. Eventually I made some ramen noodles for lunch, and then I headed off to my English class. When I got home from English, I packed my bags into my car because I was going to go to my actual home this weekend. Well, as I got in my car, I started it… and it wouldn’t start. Luckily my grandparents happened to be in town, so they came to the rescue. My grandpa looked at my car for about an hour, even after the attempts of jump starting my car… it still wouldn’t turn on. We decided to leave my car in the parking lot at my apartment. So I went home with my grandparents. But, before going home, my grandma and I went shopping at Kohls. Most of my clothes actually come from there. During this shopping trip, I got 5 tops, 2 leggings, and a pair of tall black boots. After the 45 minute drive, we finally got home. I was surprised by a package from Kohls that we got in the mail. The package contained my new Ugg boots with cute bows on the sides of them! I was thrilled. The rest of the night was pretty relaxing. Even though I had a rough time with my car, it ended up being a good night.

Final Project Week One – Post Two

Tuesday 11/13/18

Dear Diary,

This morning it was very hard for me to get out of bed. For the past few nights, I have not been able to sleep very well. I’m not sure why. Usually when I can’t sleep right away at night, I take Melatonin. So I took one melatonin, and it didn’t help at all. Last night was probably the worst night for not sleeping well. I kept waking up literally almost every single hour. But, I told myself that I needed to get out of bed. So what did I do? I got out of bed! I got dressed, I did my hair, and I put only half of my makeup, meaning I only wore foundation and mascara. I just felt too tired to do all of it. For breakfast, I toasted a pop tart in my new toaster. Well, my pop tart didn’t turn out because of my crappy toaster. So I had a few bites and I was done. That is when I left for my math class. My math class went pretty well, we were dividing polynomials using “long division”. After my class was over with, I went back to my apartment. From 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., I cleaned my room, and I did some of my psychology homework. For lunch, I had some leftover noodles with alfredo sauce, with grapes on the side. My lunch was very yummy. After lunch, I bundled up for the cold and drove to campus for my 12:30 psychology class. Today in psychology we didn’t do a whole lot. We did some group work, and a worksheet. I also found out that my psychology class on Thursday is cancelled. I was so excited to hear that. Now I get to rest and just hang out after my 9 a.m. class on Thursday. When I got home from my psychology class, I talked on the phone with my grandma for about a good 45 minutes. I always have nice chats with my grandma. After I got off the phone with my grandma, I called my (step) dad to see what our plans for Thanksgiving were. Throughout this call I found myself very stressed out and hurt after the “thanksgiving” conversation. Him and I had a very stressful conversation. I ended the call crying. I decided that I would use some coping strategies to handle this situation and “cool down”. I talked to someone on the phone and vented. After that, did some deep breathing in a bubble bath. It was so relaxing. I felt so much better after a bath. For supper, my roommate/best friend and I made some grilled cheese, tomato soup, with grapes and veggies on the side. Talk about a fulfilling meal!  To end the night, I talked to my favorite person on the phone, until I fell asleep.

Final Project Week One – Post One

Saturday 11/10/18

Dear Diary,

I stayed in La Crescent with my family this weekend. All weekend, I took care of my friend Jaden who had recently gotten his wisdom teeth extracted. This morning in particular was an early one. I had a big day ahead of me. Today, we celebrated my cousin Austin’s birthday. I showered, did my hair, and put my “full face” of makeup on. At 9am, my friend Jaden and I met up with my biological dad’s side of the family; my two aunts, two uncles, three cousins, grandpa, and a family friends family. From my uncle’s house, we all embarked for the Mall of America. It was a long two hour drive. I napped, and I snacked! The ride became very interesting in the parking ramp because our family friend John decided to sing christmas songs while finding a parking spot. It took almost an hour to find a parking spot. All of us got into the mall at about 1pm, once we got inside, we all departed our own ways to buy some lunch. After lunch, we all met up for a couple hours and shopped together. Then, we all departed again and shopped on our own. Jaden and I wandered around most of the time waiting for John’s daughter, Natalie and her boyfriend Keaton to get to the mall. Natalie and Keaton got to the mall around 3pm. My family left around 4pm, so Jaden and I decided to stay with Natalie and Keaton at the mall. From that time on, it was a very long evening. Natalie wanted to shop literally everywhere. Whenever we went to a store that Natalie wanted to go to, us four were in that store for an almost an hour. Eventually, after what felt like forever, we decided to grab supper. We all ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, it was delicious. Jaden and I ordered a chicken caesar salad and some sweet barbeque wings and shared it. After supper, we went to one more store and left the mall by 10pm.  I bought some bras, a shirt, and a sweatshirt while we were up there. On the two hour drive home, I napped on and off, but I was also dancing when I was awake. Natalie played some pretty good songs. When we got back to La Crescent, Natalie dropped Jaden and I off at my aunt Shannon’s house because that is where Jaden’s truck was. So at midnight, Jaden and I ate cookie birthday cake with my aunt. Which is one of my favorite treats. So in conclusion, it was a long, fun day with my family and friends.

“Annoying Ways People Use Sources” Reflction

In Kyle Stedman’s, “Annoying Ways People Use Sources”, he talks about what he thinks are annoying ways people use sources. He also explains how you could easily fix these mistakes in their writing. I do agree with what Stedman says throughout the piece. He uses different references about the annoying ways people use sources. One reference is “Slow driving is like sloppy writing”. Another one is “dating spiderman”. He also talks about how quotations are over used, and how quotes are randomly used, but the quotes are never explained to why they were used. Readers do not like it when there are random, unexplained quotes thrown at them. The quotes need to be explained because sometimes they may be tough to understand.

After reading the assignment, I recognized another annoying way I used sources.  Another annoying way I have used sources is the “I swear I did some research”. I sometimes would add more sources to my works cited page, to make my page look like I did more research. My teachers never caught on, luckily for me. But it looks really bad on my side that I used to do that when I was younger.

Like I mentioned in my notes, I never knew how to cite properly from seventh to ninth grade. My english teachers never taught us how to cite properly. When I had to cite my sources in class during those years, we were told to have a “sources” page. On this page, we would copy and paste the websites. That was all. So tenth grade was rough when I had a different english teacher. She had us cite our sources in a paper, but I had points docked off because my sources were not cited the way they were supposed to be. That is one “annoying way” I used sources.

I found this reading very helpful. Stedman made me realize mistakes that I have made in the past. He also tells us other mistakes writers make, but he even tells us how easy it is to fix those mistakes. I think every student, more aimed towards high schoolers, should read this. I think high school students should read it because it is something that I wish I could have read at that age to help me become a better writer earlier in my writing career.


Annoying Ways People Use Sources Notes

Key Terms

Rhetoricalasked in order to produce an effect or to make a statement rather than to elicit information.

Annoying causing irritation or annoyance.

Quotation – a group of words taken from a text or speech and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker.

Link – a group of words taken from a text or speech and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker.

Citation – a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author, especially in a scholarly work.

Multidisciplinary – combining or involving several academic disciplines or professional specializations in an approach to a topic or problem.

Patchwritingis a careless form of paraphrasing, and is dangerous territory: it can be considered plagiarism even if you credit the source.


In this reading, the author explains the different annoying ways people use sources. Some of these annoyances include incorrect placing, and incorrect grammar different sentences not matching the citations. He says properly citing sources is like moving over to the slow lane when faster vehicles behind you want to pass. So basically, he wants us to use common sense. Because moving over to the slow lane so the fast vehicle can pass, is common sense. Also, he mentions how some people cite sources, but don’t have any information that came from the cite. Their excuses are usually, “I swear I did some research!”. Another thing that he talked about was different references that match the “annoyances” people do. One of the references is, “How slow driving is like sloppy writing”. Stedman says that he wants people to cite correctly, and not stress them out about it.


From seventh to ninth grade, I honestly didn’t know how to cite sources. So when I got in to tenth grade, I had a different English teacher. This teacher was very strict, I was not used to it. So when we had to write a paper in this class, we had to cite our sources. I had no idea how to do it. I honestly just guessed. Let’s just say, I didn’t do so hot on the works cited page. I later did get help from my previous teacher, which helped a lot. I also got help from my best friend, who has always been very successful in the “english department”. It took me a while to become better with citing sources. Sometimes, I feel like I still don’t do it right. On Wednesday, in class, I felt very positive about citing sources with my partner. I actually somewhat enjoyed the activity.


Selfie Post (Option 1)

Millions of selfies are taken everyday. Selfies can show just you, you with family, you with friends, and more! Selfies can show many different emotions too. Emotions could be happy, sad, mad, excited, etc. In chapters 1-3 of Rettberg, “Seeing Ourselves Through Technology”, she talks a lot about the way we filter photos, and filter everyday things. The selfies I take are always positive looking ones. Mainly because I’d like people to see the happy side of me. That is one way I filter my selfies, is making sure they aren’t sad depressing ones. My selfies are usually of myself, me with family, me with friends, or even pets.

My grandma and I have taken selfies together my whole life. The difference between now and then is, now we use smartphones to take selfies together. When I was growing up, we used a fujifilm camera! My grandma is the most important person in my life. This picture was taken when I was staying with grandma for a “vacation”. I don’t remember what we were doing the day this picture was taken. I do know that my grandma and I ALWAYS had a great time together. As you can see, both of us are smiling.


In this picture, I am “posing” with my best friend, Kasey. This picture was taken back in March of 2018 while on our senior class trip in New York. As you can see, the Statue of Liberty is in the background. We were both very excited to see Lady Liberty in person. Before the picture was taken, we had ate lunch and bought starbucks. That day was kind of chilly, as we are wearing our coats. Kasey and I take lots of pictures together, we have been best friends for seven years now. There is never a dull moment with her.


I took this picture at the beginning of October of this year. This is a picture of me and my friend Jaden in his GMC 2015 Sierra truck. Jaden had just taken me on a date to Noodles and Company in Rochester. I remember it being a somewhat chilly day, and it had been raining on and off. I had ordered my favorite, mac n’ cheese. He ordered beef stroganoff. Neither of us had finished our food. Earlier that day, we had went to the movie, “A Star is Born”. We had such a fun day!


This is picture is of me and my dog. My dog’s name is Candy Joe Whalen. I took this picture of her and I last winter when she was sick. Candy is 10 years old. So when she was sick last winter, it made me worry a ton because she is an older dog. That is why you see me kissing her head. Although, she doesn’t look too thrilled that I took a picture, haha!



Week 10 Reflection “How to RLW”

I’ve always been one to read for pleasure. I love to read, only when it’s something that I want to read. Whenever I read, it’s usual and actual paper book. I have never really read on electronic devices until college. I’ve learned that I’m the type of person who reads better out of an actual book, not on electronic devices. Since reading the articles that have been assigned in this class, sometimes the readings are hard for me to understand. So I found the article “How to RLW” very helpful. I think the purpose of this piece was to help college students better understand choices that the author had to make to write a piece. And to help college students better their writing. Like the author said, “You are reading to learn about writing”. Which makes total sense in this situation. Because this piece that the author wrote is literally telling us how to read like a writer. He tells us specific questions that we should ask ourselves when reading a piece, and when we are writing a piece. Some examples are; “Who is the audience?”, “What is the purpose of the piece?”, “What tone do I want to use?”, “What is the genre?”. These are the main questions you need to ask yourself. Also, there are some things you need to take into consideration when writing. You need to make sure that your writing is clear, and you need to make sure that it is understandable. Which means you should always consider your word choice. Word choice is very important to me because I am not good with “big” words, so to say. So, when I write, I like to make sure there are no “big” words. I want my work to be clear and understanding. One technique that I liked that the author shared was to try using a quote at the beginning of the piece. The idea of using a quote at the beginning of your work, is to grab the reader’s attention. In the future I would definitely like to try using a quote to start off my piece. I would like to try this because I am one who absolutely loves quotes. My favorite quotes are the inspirational ones. So, someday, I would like to be good at “reading like a writer”. I think using these techniques that the author provided will help me become successful in reading like a writer. I am excited to practice reading like a writer.

Week 10 Notes

Main Idea and Key Terms

Main Idea- I think the main idea was to teach students how to write like a reader. How to read a new way.

  • ArchitectA person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction.
  • TechniquesA way of carrying out a particular task, especially the execution or performance of an artistic work or a scientific procedure.


  • Writingthe activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text.


  • Readingthe action or skill of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud.
  • Genre a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.
  • Carpentera person who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures.
  • Divisivetending to cause disagreement or hostility between people.

“How to RLW” Summary

  • Find the importance of what has been wrote
  • You will learn from mistakes
  • One way of reading
    • To get your own information
    • Education
    • Entertainment
    • To  get the main points → Details
  • Be clear when writing
  • Make sure your writing is understandable
  • Consider word choice
  • The writer always has a purpose for the writing
  • Remember to ask questions while you read
  • When we write, there are a lot of things that we have to take into consideration
    • For example;
      • Your audience
      • The purpose of the piece
      • The tone
      • Genre
      • If you are going to write in 1st person
      • Adding a story in the beginning
  • Using a quote at the beginning of your piece could capture one’s attention

“By Islands, I mean paragraphs” Summary

-Content of this piece

– About islands

-Each island has its own name

-Each island has its own meaning

– The piece was disoriented

– The piece was frustrating to read

-The piece really makes you think, as in “how do I read this piece?”

-This piece demands a different kind of attention