Final Project Week Five – Post Three


Dear Diary,

Today is Saturday! Woohoo! I can’t believe that this is my last post for my blog! This semester has gone by so very fast!

This morning I woke up at 9:10 am. It felt sooo nice to sleep in again. I love being able to sleep in after a long week. After laying in bed for another 10 minutes, looking through social media, I got up! I took a nice shower and put my makeup on. I think I may have changed my outfit five or six different times. For the christmas at lunch, at my grandparents, all of my grandpa’s siblings came over. We had a potluck lunch. There was so much food! I had ham, potatoes, jello, deviled eggs, a bun, green beans, a cookie, and a slice of blueberry pie! The food was very delicious. It was also very nice to see all of my great aunts and uncles on my grandpa’s side. Now, I am just working on some homework while everyone visits!

This afternoon/evening from 4-7 pm, I have a work Christmas party at my old work! I am so excited to see my work family. I have missed them so much! It was hard to leave them back in August to go to school. Especially when you go from seeing your coworkers every day, to not seeing them at all! This party will be so much fun!

The time came for me to go to my work christmas party! I got to the party around 4:15 pm. Not everyone had arrived yet when I got there. I visited with almost everyone. Everyone had asked me like the same question as I bounced from person to person. The questions were, “How are you?”, “How is college?”, “How is your love life?”. So I basically answered the same questions over and over again all night. After chatting with everyone, it was time to eat supper! For supper we had mexican dishes. Everyone brought a dish to share. I think all of us took a little bit of everything. There was seriously so much food. I was stuffed!! I wish I could have taken home leftovers. After supper, we all gathered together in the living room. It was time to open presents. Every year we do secret santa gifts. This year, I didn’t participate though. I honestly didn’t really have the money. But, it was fun to watch everyone open their gifts and guess who bought each other what. After the secret santa presents, our boss gave everyone a gift. This year, each of us got a “Harmony Kids Learning Center” sweatshirt. I loved it! The sweatshirt is a grey zip up hoodie, with our logo on it. Now that everyone had opened up their presents, it was time for dessert. I honestly did not think I would be able to eat dessert because I had been so full. But the desserts looked too delicious to skip them. I had decided to have a piece of cake and some puppy chow. Again, it was tasty! About thirty minutes after dessert, I headed out of the party to go home. It was so great to see all of my work family and catch up with everyone. I am so excited to work with them again over Christmas break! I have to say that today was a great day!  


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