Final Project Week Five – Post Two


Dear Diary,

I woke up this morning feeling a little tired. I had woke up around 4am with a terrible nightmare, that made me yell in my sleep. Surprisingly, my roommates didn’t hear it. But, I suppose that is a good thing. I feel like I would get a lot of crap from my roommates if they heard me yell in my sleep! Anyway, I woke up for the day at 7:30 am.Usually I check my phone every morning before I get ready for school. To my surprise, I received an email from my English professor saying that class was cancelled. I was so happy to hear this because I had so many errands to do today. So I threw my hair up in a “messy” bun and put on some comfy clothes! Math had went pretty good today, I actually understood what we learned. Well, I thought I did anyway! Class had ended and I drove back to my apartment. Once I got back to my place, I tried to quickly pack for the weekend. I gathered my laundry, some homework, and my makeup. These are really the only things I ever need when I go home. After I finished packing, I quickly cleaned my room. I had to make my bed and put a few things away. Luckily, it didn’t take me too long because I was in hurry. I lugged all my crap to my car and started doing my errands around 11am. My first stop was Cub Foods, where I would need to pick up 1 of my 2 prescriptions. I had just recently transferred my prescription to go to Cub Foods from Walmart. Well, for some dumb reason, it took me over an hour to get my dang prescription. While waiting, I grocery shopped, and talked to my grandma on the phone. Eventually, I got my prescription and headed to Kohl’s. At Kohl’s, I needed to spend some Kohl’s cash. I had the big $10 of Kohl’s cash to spend today. Originally, I was on search of a long sleeve shirt to match a vest of mine at home. But, I could not find one my size. That is when I headed over to the Under Armour section where there were sales! In luck, I found a sweatshirt that I had been wanting for months! This sweatshirt had been on sale for $33 and with my Kohls cash, I only had to pay $23. That is a great deal for a Under Armour sweatshirt. After Kohl’s, I drove an hour down to Harmony where I needed to pick up my second prescription. This time, it took me 5 minutes. Eventually, I got back to my grandma’s house in the later afternoon. At around 4 pm, my grandparents and I went to go visit my favorite cousin Wyatt, his wife, an daughter. Wyatt’s daughter named Kaysia and I played with her dolls. Kaysia is 5 years old. She is so cute, I love her to pieces. We stayed at Wyatt’s house for an hour or so, and we headed off for supper. For supper, my grandparents and I went out to eat at this restaurant called “The Longbranch”. I had my typical cheeseburger and cheese curds. They are my favorite! I would have to say that today had been a pretty good day!


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