Final Project Week Five – Post One


Dear Diary,

Today is Sunday! This past weekend, I had stays at my grandma’s house. This morning, I was able to sleep in until about 10am. It felt so nice. When I got out of my bed, I went to go shower. Basically just getting ready for the day. When I was finished getting ready, I packed up all of my laundry, schoolwork, groceries into my car. As I was waiting for my grandma to come home from work, I ate some cereal for lunch and I watched the show “Friends”. Eventually, my grandma got home around 1pm. When she got home, she changed out of her work clothes, so she could go to Rochester with me. The plan was to bring my grandma to Rochester, go shopping, and later on my grandpa would come up to Rochester, have supper together, and then take grandma home. THe ride up to Rochester was good. The weather was good and the roads were not bad. Once we got to Rochester, my grandma and I went to the store Kohl’s. Kohl’s is our FAVORITE store. At Kohl’s we had to find a present for my grandma’s mom, my great grandma. We also had to find some presents for my grandma’s brother-in-law, my great uncle. We ended up finding a cozy outfit for my great grandma. For my great uncle, we found some nice long-sleeve shirts. I found two nice sweaters, socks, and a some earrings. My grandma also found some things for herself as well. One of our favorite things about Kohl’s is that we can get Kohl’s Cash if we spend so much money. So today, we used up some Kohl’s Cash. After finishing up at Kohl’s, we headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond. There, we were on a hunt for my grandpa’s christmas present. For months now, my grandpa has been talking about getting a homemade ice cream machine. So, there we found a homemade ice cream machine. As we finished checking out at Bed Bath and Beyond, my grandpa called saying he was outside of the store waiting for us. When we met grandpa, we were all starving! So we decided to go to Culver’s. Culver’s is our “go to” place. I got the kid’s meal because I like to save the coupons off of the bags! After supper, we all ordered some Culver’s custard. It is the best! Later on, we headed off to the Goodwill because my grandpa was in search for a speaker. He was wanting a speaker to go into his shop on the farm. In luck, he found one! After that, I was dropped off at my car and headed back to my apartment. When I got there, I lugged all of my crap inside and unpacked in my room. That night, my roommates and I exchanged christmas gifts. It was fun to do that. I got some bath stuff, a cat face mask, a pan, a decorative sign, and two coffee mugs. I would have to say it was a pretty good day.


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