Final Project Week 4 – Post Three

Dear Diary,

Today is Friday morning. I had set my alarm clock for 7 am and somehow I managed to stay in bed until 7:20 am, oh well. When I got up, I went to go brush my teeth and curl my hair. I decided to part my hair down the middle today, I don’t think I am a fan of that. I think I will stick to my normal side part. When I was finished with my hair, I put on some makeup. I quickly ate some breakfast and then continued to head out the door to make it to class by 9am. I got to class a few minutes early so I quickly reviewed our “review” sheet. At 9, our class took one of our last math tests. The test previous to this one, I did not do so hot. But this test, I feel pretty confident about. I am hoping that I at least received a B on the test. I headed back to my apartment around 9:30ish. Once I was back to my apartment, I packed my weekend bag fast. My bag consisted of clothes, makeup, and my laptop. I also thought it would be smart to bring some christmas presents back to my grandparents. So, I loaded up my car with my weekend bag, dirty laundry, and presents.

I had been very excited because I didn’t have my English class friday afternoon. So what did I do? I did something productive! One of my family friends, Kristi, was looking for some help Friday afternoon. Kristi was at a homeschool event, where she did arts and crafts with children from ages 4-13 years old. My job was to assist Kristi! I had so much fun. I even learned some new things. I even got to eat lunch at the event! The best part about it was that the meals were homemade. I was very happy that I was able to volunteer. After this event, I followed Kristi to the Spring Valley, mn Community Center. At the Community Center, Kristi needed my help decorating the tree. So I helped Kristi decorate a christmas tree and spent some time with four of her kids. Around 5:30pm, I left to go to Harmony, mn. In Harmony is where I would meet my friend Kasey, at her moms house. Before I got to Kasey’s house, I needed to stop at Kwik Trip for gas. It was so cold when I was putting gas in my vehicle. A couple minutes passed and it was time to pay inside. Running inside, I see THREE of my friends from high school that were underclassmen. Their names are Collen, Evan, and Nick. It was so nice to see them and catch up with them for a few minutes! Eventually I got to Kasey’s house around 6:15pm. Tonight, Kasey and I had a girls night, which was MUCH needed. I felt like today was very productive. It was even better because I didn’t feel down at all!



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