Final Project Week 4 : Blog Tours

Trinity’s Blog

For my first blog tour, I will be touring Trinity’s blog! For Trinity’s final project, she is writing fictional stories. From the beginning of this semester, Trinity had been writing chapters for her book, “The Triumphants”. She has published 5 chapters for her book so far. As I write about Trinity’s blog, I will try not to spoil too much! Just because I think everyone should read the chapters of her story.

In Chapter 2, called, “Black Ash and Life” Trinity explains how the princess is not your stereotypical princess. She says the princess is more of a “warrior” princess. I love that, I feel like when there are stories about princesses, the princesses are considered “weak”. So, I really like how Trinity changed it up. It really makes her story unique.

I just have to say how much I loved reading Trinity’s writing! One of the things I really appreciated was the words she chose to use. I love how she used used different words to describe things. For example, in Chapter 3, Trinity writes, “We trek through the leafy forest”. This is a very simple sentence, but I feel like people don’t describe things as well when writing stories. But, Trinity does and AMAZING job with describing. I liked how she chose the word ‘“trek” for Violet’s journey through the forest. I also like how she described the forest as “leafy”, I just feel like no one ever describes a forest as leafy. Describing a forest as leafy is really the best way to describe a forest!

I also really like how she made her stories suspenseful, well maybe that is not the right word. But, as I finished each chapter, I wanted to know what was going to happen next. I began to become very curious! For example, in Chapter 1, Violet remembers the fairytales, pegasus, and princess stories that her dad had told her when she was younger. After violet had saw the pegasus in the woods, I had thought to myself, “Is Violet the princess!?”

Trinity, I hope that after this semester ends, you keep publishing the chapters of your book, on your page. I would love to continue reading them. You are an amazing writer! I can tell that you truly have a passion for writing. You definitely have a great talent! So again, I think you should continue to share your talent with others in the future!

I would definitely encourage my fellow classmates to hop on Trinity’s blog and read her story! Her stories are awesome! Maybe i’m biased because I love fiction stories? But if you are one who doesn’t normally read fiction, I’m sure Trinity’s stories will make you want to read fiction!  I would love to share more about Trinity’s stories in depth, but I feel like I have spoiled too much already! So, that being said – go read Trinity’s stories!



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