Final Project Week 4 : Blog Tours

Tim’s Blog

For my second blog tour, I will be taking you to my classmate Tim’s blog page! For Tim’s final project, he has been writing fictional stories, along with Trinity. Not together, but they are both writing fictional stories. Tim has published 3 chapters for his story so far. When I first visited Tim’s page, I had felt kind of intimidated because I was not sure how I would connect with his writing! But, I was also kind of excited because I would get to read something different than what I am used to reading. I had gotten this feeling of some action stories arising. Also, from the first chapter, I had gathered that his writing was aimed more for adults. I think it was more of the profanity that had been used. Personally, when I read a book, I like some profanity in there just because it seems more realistic. So I like how Tim added those words!

Another thing that I really like about Tim’s writing was the choice of words he used. Tim uses more complex words in his work, but I liked how the words weren’t words that I didn’t know. So he uses more “adult ish” words, but doesn’t make them too hard to understand.

The last thing that I would like to share about Tim’s writing is the way he starts his chapters. The way he starts his chapters really captured my attention. In Chapter 1, his starting sentence is, “Pistol raised, I darted around the corner of a large building on the edge of town.” I felt a wave of suspense as I read the first sentence, which made me want to read more, and more! Chapter 2 starts out like this, “As the flaming apache tumbled out of the sky, I noticed a group of Cobrhan burst out of nearby stone huts.” Again, Tim succeeds at capturing my attention, again! In Chapter 3, the first sentence is, “Drawing my pistol, I scanned the fire fight, attempting to find a place to help.” Each beginning sentence starts out as an action, the pistol being raised, the flaming apache tumbled, and drawing the pistol. Tim added some great “attention getters”.

Tim, I also believe that you have a great talent for writing. I really enjoyed reading your work. I was unsure what I would think at first, but afterwards, I was glad that I was able to tour your blog! Your writing is awesome! It was cool to be able to read more of an action story – because that is outside of my comfort zone, again, it was great! I hope that you continue to write your stories and continue to publish them. Like I had said to Trinity, I would love to keep reading your work if you decide to continue publishing!

Classmates, I encourage you to visit Tim’s blog and read his work! I’m positive you will enjoy it!


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