Final Project Week Three : Post One


Dear Diary,

This past weekend I had stayed at my aunt Shannon and uncle Jason’s house. Saturday night, Shannon and my cousin Anna and I were up super late eating Orve’s pizza and watching Beauty and The Beast (the new one). I had never seen it before so I thought it was pretty good! I loved how Emma Watson played the part of Belle. She did amazing. After the movie, I don’t think anyone went to bed until 1 am.

Sunday morning I woke up at about 9:30-10 am to the smell of eggs and bacon. I was so excited because I almost NEVER have an actual breakfast meal. Mostly because I don’t have time in the morning to ever make breakfast. Usually the only time I have an actual breakfast meal is on Christmas eve, Christmas morning, and the day after Christmas. My grandma always makes the family breakfast then. Anyway, I go upstairs and wait until breakfast was ready. When I got my breakfast, I went to the living room to eat with my uncle. The eggs and bacon he made were scrumptious. Afterwards, breakfast was cleaned up, and for a couple hours, the five of us just sat in the living room watching football. Around 12 pm, I went to take a shower, get dressed, and put my makeup on. Once I was done, I had went upstairs to find my aunt’s best friend Shelly in the living room! Shelly is basically another aunt to me. Shelly came over to visit for a  few minutes, but those few minutes turned into two and a half hours! In those two and a half hours, Shelly, Shannon, Anna, and I watched a movie. Anna had picked out the movie called “Beautiful Creatures”, which is based on the book. Anna and Shannon had seen it before but I had not seen it before then. I like to read the book before watching the movie, but there’s not enough time in the world to do that. I really liked the movie because it kind of reminded me of the “Twilight” series. Call me crazy, but I love those movies. Which is hard for me to say because I have never even read the book series. I am actually very ashamed of that. I just HATE watching the movies before reading the books. After the movie ended, Shelly headed home to do her laundry. At 7, the Vikings were playing against the Packers… which means party at the Hoffman household! So around 6:15, guests started to show up at the house. These guests were neighbors, family friends, and family. Everyone gathered downstairs to watch the game and eat food. One of my favorite things about gatherings at the Hoffman’s, is they make chili. My aunt and uncle make the best chili. It turned out kind of awesome because two other people also brought chili over, so we had three crockpots full of chili. It was delicious! After the first quarter, my friend Natalie and I left the house to make a quick “run” to Walmart. She had a few things she needed to pick up. The one Walmart we went to in LaCrosse was very shady. It was not even 9pm, and there was barely anyone there, which is unusual for Walmart. While we were checking out in the self checkout, there were two younger workers nearby and the one guy had cat whistled at us. That is when we knew it was time to leave! On our way back to my aunt’s house, Natalie drove us past the Rotary Lights. They were so pretty. I think one weekend Natalie, Keaton, Jaden, and I are all going to go to the Rotary Lights together. We arrived back to the house close to the last quarter. The rest of the game, Natalie and I sat on the ground watching the game with everyone, screwing around, and just being our goofy selves. When Natalie and I are together, we are like two peas in pod. I love her! Natalie is basically a cousin to me.

Everyone was so ecstatic that the Vikings won against the Packers! There was lots of shouts of joy coming from everyone! Later on, after everyone left, I changed into my pajamas, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and headed for bed.

I had such a fun time at my aunts this weekend. I love being around family that actually makes an effort to be in my life, they make me happy!


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