Final Project Week Two : Post Three


“My Thanksgiving”

Last night I spent the night at my grandma’s house. I woke up at about 9:30 am feeling quite ready for the day. I love Thanksgiving, because I get to spend it with my loved ones, and I get to eat a ton of food. Sometimes, I get a good nap in too. After waking up, I showered, and put my makeup on. It took me longer to do my makeup today because I wanted to try putting on fake eyelashes. The tutorials on youtube for putting on lashes, were very helpful. But, somehow I kept screwing up or the lashes just would not stay on my eyelids. Oh well, I only kept them on for a couple hours because I could NOT stand them. Anyway, after getting fully ready, I went upstairs saying hi to everyone. At my grandma and grandpa’s Thanksgiving, one of my great aunts and two uncles showed up, as well as the neighbors across the street. After greeting everyone, we all stood in line to pile the delicious food on our plates. As we all sat down, I said grace, and we all ate. I ate turkey, green bean casserole, potatoes mixed with corn, cranberry sauce, lefse, orange fluff, and pumpkin pie. After lunch, I was surprised at how fast the dishes were done. But, everyone helped.

After this Thanksgiving, I was on my way to another Thanksgiving. My aunt Shannon invited me to come to their Thanksgiving that evening. So I packed my things, drove to Rochester to my apartment, and got some more clothes. Then, I headed over to La Crescent. I could not believe how many police and state troopers I encountered driving. After a total of about two hours, I finally got to Shannons mother’s house. I arrived just as everyone was eating. Shortly after I arrived, my friend Jaden also came. We had invited Jaden to Thanksgiving because BOTH of his Thanksgivings were cancelled today. I felt so bad. But I think he felt a lot better because he actually got to go to ours. At this Thanksgiving I had, turkey, mashed potatoes mixed with corn, a buttered bun, and green fluff. So, it was pretty much the same thing as earlier. After dinner, we all went to the basement and watched a football game. Well, “watched” because no one was actually paying attention. The kids had been playing catch with a football, the adults were chatting, my aunt, cousin and I were looking through Black Friday Ads. I didn’t find a whole lot that I had been interested in. I knew that I did have to get a few Christmas presents the next day. Maybe, I would even find a few things for myself. I love to go shopping. So, I guess you could say that I am pretty excited about Black Friday. The rest of the night I just relaxed.


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